Hemp clothing brands are gaining popularity due to the sustainable nature of hemp fabric. Hemp is a high-yielding crop that can be grown without the use of chemicals, making it an eco-friendly option for producing clothing, food, biofuel, paper, and more.

One particular area where hemp is being utilized is in the production of underwear. Hemp underwear is naturally antibacterial, breathable, and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for keeping your nether regions feeling fresh. Popular brands like WAMA and Rawganique offer a variety of styles in organic hemp fabric, with some featuring biodegradable waistbands or no waistband at all. Stay tuned to find out which brands made the cut for the best hemp underwear.


Looking for sustainable and comfortable hemp underwear for men and women? Here are some top brands to check out:


WAMA is a Los Angeles-based brand that specializes in creating the best hemp underwear in the world while raising awareness about the benefits of hemp. Their sustainable underwear for men and women comes in various styles, including hipsters, thongs, shorts, and briefs. WAMA’s PETA-Approved vegan hemp underwear is made from a blend of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex. The fabric is dyed in an OEKO-TEX-certified facility. WAMA’s manufacturing takes place in a BSCI-certified factory in China that pays fair wages and maintains a safe working environment. WAMA is a Green America Certified Business Member, and all their garments ship in 100% recycled poly mailers that are reusable and recyclable. Women’s sizing runs XS to 3XL for most products, and men’s sizing is S to 3XL.

Available: WAMA


Rawganique is an off-grid-homesteader-owned brand that creates ethical clothing and homewares, including some of the purest organic hemp underwear around. Unlike many other hemp underwear brands, their 100% hemp underwear isn’t blended with other fabrics. Rawganique’s 100% hemp underwear is made from organic hemp, sometimes combined with an organic natural rubber waistband made from 50% organic cotton and 50% natural rubber. The boxers in the men’s hemp underwear collection feature 100% natural, plastic-free carved tagua nut buttons. Rawganique’s products are manufactured at their own atelier in Europe, and the hemp is also grown in Europe, keeping the supply chain small and thus limiting emissions. Rawganique specializes in chemical-free products in their most pure forms, zero dioxins, VOCs, PVC, latex, or formaldehyde through their entire production process. Women’s hemp underwear sizing runs from S-XL, and men’s from S-XXL.

Available: Rawganique


Circle Creations is a small, family business located in Eugene, Oregon, that designs and produces hemp clothing for men, women, and kids, including tops, pants, shirts, skirts, hoodies, dresses, and organic hemp underwear. Their women’s hemp underwear collection features bandeau tops, cami bras, panties, and nursing bras. While they don’t offer hemp and organic period underwear, they do make reusable hemp pads. They also offer hemp men’s underwear and kids undies and training pants. The hemp in their organic hemp underwear is cultivated sans synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. It’s blended with organic cotton and a small amount of spandex. The brand’s fabrics are OCS and GOTS certified. The hemp is grown and milled in China, and all clothing is locally made and dyed with low-impact dyes in Oregon. Women’s sizing runs from S-XL with custom sizing available for bras, men’s sizing runs S-XL, and kids ages 2-12.

Available: Etsy


I Love Bad Organics is a California-based brand that creates affordable hemp underwear for men and women. A combination of 64% organic cotton, 28% hemp, 8% lycra, and low-impact dyes make up these hemp underwear. All products are made and dyed in California to ensure fair labor practices and support the local economy. The brand promotes slow fashion with quality craftsmanship and timeless designs. Sizing runs XS-XL for women and S-XL for men. 10% of proceeds are donated to one of three charities: Corazon de Vida Orphanages, Farm Sanctuary, and LA Habilitation House, a non-profit “creating opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to live full and meaningful lives.”

Available: I Love Bad Organics

Whether you’re looking for briefs, boxers, panties, boy shorts, hipsters, or loungewear, these top hemp underwear brands have got you covered. Plus, with sustainable materials like hemp, organic cotton, and even tagua nut buttons, you can feel good about your purchase knowing you’re supporting ethical and eco-friendly practices.



When it comes to sustainable and ethical fashion, finding the right undergarments is essential. Hemp fabric, known for its durability, breathability, and antimicrobial properties, is a perfect choice for eco-conscious consumers. In this section, we will discuss the criteria used to assess the best hemp underwear brands and provide final thoughts on the topic.


Hemp fabric is a regenerative crop that requires minimal water and doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides, making it an eco-friendly choice for underwear. To ensure the fabric is non-toxic, it should be dyed with low-impact, non-toxic dyes. Hemp is often blended with other fabrics like GOTS organic cotton, and a small percentage of lycra, spandex, or elastane is added to provide stretch. As long as these percentages are kept minimal (<10%), it won’t affect the compostability of the hemp underwear.


Certifications like bluesign®, GOTS, and OEKO TEX 100 ensure that the hemp underwear is produced using environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices. Brands that hold certifications like BSCI, Fair Trade, Fair Wear Foundation, and SA8000 prioritize ethical manufacturing and labor practices.

Green business practices

Sustainable packaging, zero waste production methods, and the use of renewable energy are some of the green business practices that we looked for in the best hemp underwear brands. Some Etsy-based brands also offer carbon offset shipping.


Inclusive modeling and sizing are important factors in finding the best hemp underwear brands. While some brands are ahead of the game, there is still room for improvement in this area.

Community and charitable giving

Brands that show empathy by donating to worthy causes are always a plus. While some hemp underwear brands may be too small to have charitable giving programs, those that do make a positive impact.

In conclusion, hemp fabric is an excellent choice for sustainable and comfortable underwear. By considering the criteria listed above, consumers can find the best hemp underwear brands that align with their values and needs.