Pet owners are increasingly looking for sustainable and eco-friendly products for their furry friends. These products not only benefit pets but also help reduce plastic pollution and minimize the environmental impact of pet products.

West Paw, a US-based company, offers a range of eco-friendly pet products made from non-toxic and chewable Seaflex™ ocean-bound plastic waste. Their products are OEKO-TEX 100 certified, BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free, and FDA-compliant, providing pet owners with peace of mind. Additionally, West Paw’s Seaflex™ and Zogoflex® toys can be recycled into new toys, making them a sustainable option for pet owners.

For pet owners in the UK, Beco Pets offers a variety of eco-friendly dog toys made from recycled polyester plushies, natural rubber, and hemp and recycled cotton rope. These toys are designed to withstand the chewing habits of pets while minimizing their environmental impact.

Tug and Go is a brand that creates eco-friendly dog toys from repurposed fire hoses, making them durable and sustainable. Their selection includes rings, tug toys, tuggable frisbees, heavy-duty rope chews, and more, all handmade by an active-duty firefighter.

KONG, a well-known brand, produces durable natural rubber dog toys that are built to last and can withstand even the most persistent chewers. These toys can be stuffed with treats, providing pets with both entertainment and mental stimulation.

For pet owners with older dogs, Ware of the Dog offers hand-crocheted toys made from fully compostable and natural materials, including 100% recycled cotton t-shirt yarn, 100% organic cotton, and lambswool. These toys are perfect for snuggle-minded pets and are 100% safe if ingested, down to the natural dyes.

Overall, pet owners have an increasing number of options when it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly pet products. By choosing these products, they can minimize their pets’ environmental impact while providing them with safe and durable toys.