Australians spend more than $12 billion on their dogs each year, and dog owners who enjoy indulging their pets may help the environment by purchasing biodegradable dog goods manufactured from recycled or sustainable materials.

Changing a few of our daily routines is a modest start in the right direction, and it may motivate pet manufacturers and retailers to provide us with more ecologically friendly options in the future.

These companies offer the best eco-friendly dog toys in Australia.

1. Outback Tails

Outback Tails’ unique assortment of tiny Australian toys has been fashioned with affection for your dog to play with and is made from seven layers of robust, sustainable jute fiber with a built-in squeaker.

These robust little Australian marsupials were filled with a recycled water bottle for exciting, crunching noises before being wrapped in natural wool dyed with vegetable dye. A terrific chew toy for your best buddy that is non-toxic, sturdy, and environmentally friendly.


2. Doggy Topia

Every Dog, according to DoggyTopia, needs to be spoiled lavishly.

They explored Australia – and the rest of the globe – seeking one-of-a-kind, remarkable items made by independent people and businesses. And now they’ve gathered them all at DoggyTopia!

It’s simple to purchase items on their website not only to pamper your pet but also to flaunt and delight yourself.

Their shreddable meat-flavored dog bone will keep your dog occupied for hours!

Not only will your dog enjoy chewing on this toy, but it also acts as natural dental floss, helping to keep your dog’s teeth clean and gums healthy. Because that’s how the teeth cleaning magic works, this Loofah Dental Dog Bone is made to be shredded!

Each dog’s shredding time is different. This dog toy is certified organic and made entirely of natural Loofah Plant and natural vegetable coloring. It’s okay to eat, but it’s designed as a dental toy for dogs.

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Address: Unit 9, 10-12 Russell St, Kallangur, Qld, 4502

3. Indie Boho

Pet admirers who are enthusiastic about the original design, product innovation, and spoiling their fur puppies are the people behind indie boho pets.

Indie Boho’s Eco Pet Beds have the same lovely patterns, high-quality washable covers, and long-lasting insert linings as their conventional beds, with the exception that you stuff them yourself with unwanted clothing, pillows, or cushions!

These beds will never flatten, and you’ll be helping the environment by reusing outdated goods. This limited-edition Hummingbird Fields pattern is ideal for a springtime outfit.

This design, hand-painted by famous Australian designer Fleur Harris, will transport you to a lively field of wildflowers, berries, bumblebees, and dragonflies, complete with a gorgeous nesting hummingbird couple.


4. Henley & Co

They deliver you the most luxury and fashionable handmade dog beds and accessories at Henley & Co.

Their goods are designed to suit modern homes while yet offering comfort and style for your dog.

This Rope Collar by Henley & Co is masterfully handcrafted with 100 percent soft cotton, hemp, and leather, and offers a lovely ombré gradient.

The hand dyeing technique utilizes 100 percent natural dye, making these collars eco-friendly.

This collar is made of nautical grade rope and can survive even the toughest of play! The 100% cotton cordage is delicate and comfortable to hold, and it will only become softer with time. The brass hardware completes the appearance, giving it a classic and rustic feel.

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5. Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna want to make the world a better, healthier place, and they want to be a part of the answer, not the issue. They’ve come to bring about change.

Flora & Fauna seeks goods and solutions that are better for animals and the environment.

Everything is cruelty-free, vegan, and has a low environmental effect. They exchange information so that they may all make a difference and benefit others.

They also work with and give back to our local community. Their dog toys are also one of the most eco-friendly across the whole country.

02 8776 3620 | [email protected]


Address: Flora & Fauna, Unit 4, 25 Loyalty Road, North Rocks, NSW 2151

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