For those who love to create art but are concerned about the environmental impact of traditional art supplies, eco-friendly alternatives may be the answer. Makers of sustainable art supplies believe in preserving the Earth while still allowing artists to express their creativity.

Many of these eco-friendly options are made from recycled or natural materials, such as biodegradable sketch pads and vegan paints. These alternatives are just as vibrant and inspiring as their traditional counterparts, while also keeping the artist’s carbon footprint small. In this article, we will explore the world of sustainable art supplies and highlight some of the most environmentally friendly options available.

Sustainable Art Supplies That Get Our Eco-Creative Juices Flowing

Artists and art enthusiasts alike are increasingly looking for sustainable and eco-friendly art supplies that not only satisfy their creative needs but also align with their values. Here are some top picks for sustainable art supplies that get our eco-creative juices flowing.

1. Faber-Castell

Faber-Castell is a well-known and respected brand in the art world. While not all their products are eco-friendly, they have increasingly taken on a sustainable focus in recent years. One of their most notable eco-friendly products is the EcoPencils, available in colored, watercolor, and metallic variations.

Made from 100% FSC-certified wood, these pencils are sustainably sourced and harvested, meaning your sketch won’t be contributing to deforestation. They are also non-toxic and have a high level of break resistance across a variety of hardness grades. Faber-Castell’s eco-friendly art supplies also include refillable fountain pen and ballpoint pens, partially recycled artist paper pads, PVC-free erasers, water-based and non-toxic varnish coated graphite pencils, and more.

2. eco-kids

Eco-kids is a brand that offers safe and non-toxic eco-friendly kids art supplies. Their plant-based finger paint and crayons are perfect for inspiring young artists to let colors and creativity fly across multiple painting sessions. They are made of food-safe ingredients (including potatoes, rice & beans) and are easy to mix with water. If a paper canvas is too small for your little artist, let them paint their own Sidewalk Sistine Chapel using the Hop Scotch Sidewalk Chalk.

No matter which eco-kids natural art supplies you pick, you’re getting something made with natural ingredients that adhere to stringent American (ASTM) Toy Safety standards. The packaging matches the brand’s commitment to the planet, with even the powdered paints housed in FSC-certified recyclable paper cartons. All of these eco-friendly school supplies and art supplies are 100% plastic-free and made in the USA.

3. Bee Paper

Bee Paper is a brand that offers sustainable craft supplies, including 100% Recycled Sketch Pads in tape and spiral-bound forms, allowing you to select the format that best suits your artistic journey. These sketch pads are crafted from chemical-free recycled paper that’s entirely biodegradable. With a sturdy weight of 70 lbs, this sketch pad can handle a variety of mediums: pencil, charcoal, pastel, and artist crayon. While not all offerings use recycled paper, others are sourced using sustainable forestry practices and all are acid-free and made to be archival quality. This means that the papers are designed to resist yellowing and deterioration over time, ensuring the longevity of your artwork.

Bee Paper is renowned for eco-friendly and vegan art supplies that respect both the artistic process and the planet. They also provide for a range of specific art needs, including drawing paper, sketch paper, watercolor paper, marker paper, pastel paper, and more. While known for its quality, they offer competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for both professional and amateur artists.

4. Natural Earth Paint

Natural Earth Paint is a brand that specializes in paint made from natural plant and mineral pigments and organic ingredients. They offer a range of eco-friendly art supplies, including watercolor paint, Gesso, face paints, varnish, painting accessories, and more. Their Natural Acrylik art set for adults includes weight colors, each of which are highly pigmented, ensuring that your artwork will be vibrant and long-lasting.

Their eco-friendly acrylic paint is biodegradable, safe, and non-off-gassing. Be sure to pair it with some of their vegan and cruelty-free paint brushes, made with sustainably-harvested wooden handles and a plant-based, non-toxic varnish.

Natural Earth Paint is committed to creating supplies for art projects that are safe for all ages, including children and individuals with sensitivities. Their products are free from toxins, heavy metals, solvents, and harmful additives, making them a healthy choice for artists and educators.

These sustainable art supplies are just a few examples of the many options available for those seeking eco-friendly and natural art supplies. By choosing these products, artists can create beautiful works of art while also contributing to a healthier, more sustainable planet.

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How We Selected Eco-Friendly Art Supplies

When compiling a list of eco-friendly art supplies, the team considered several factors to ensure that the products selected were both sustainable and of high quality. The following subsections detail the factors that were considered in the selection process.


The materials used in the production of art supplies are crucial in determining their environmental impact. For this reason, the team selected art supplies made from natural and recycled materials. Such materials include eco-friendly acrylic paint made from plant and mineral pigments, and recycled paper sketchbooks, among others. The team also ensured that the selected art supplies were non-toxic and safe for artists of all ages. This means that the products do not contain toxic off-gassing, BPA, phthalates, and other chemicals that may harm the health of the artists or the environment.


The team also considered the certifications held by the brands of the selected art supplies. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certifications were among the certifications that the team looked for in the brands of the selected art supplies. These certifications ensure that the products are made from responsibly sourced materials.

Supply Chain and Labor Practices

The manufacturing practices of the brands of the selected art supplies were also considered. The team selected brands that disclose where and how their products are made, and under what ethical conditions. This ensures that the products are made in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Carbon Commitments and Green Practices

The team also considered the carbon commitments and green practices of the brands of the selected art supplies. Eco-friendly packaging is a crucial factor in this regard, and the team selected brands that use plastic-free and compostable containers. The team also looked for brands that consider their impact beyond just packaging waste. For instance, some brands use renewable energy or carbon offset programs to minimize their carbon footprint.

Community and Charitable Giving

The team also considered the community and charitable giving initiatives of the brands of the selected art supplies. The team selected brands that support the global artist community through charitable endeavors. This ensures that the products selected not only benefit the environment but also contribute to the betterment of society.

Final Thoughts On Green Art Supplies

In conclusion, the team selected eco-friendly art supplies based on their commitment to sustainability, use of natural and recycled materials, responsible manufacturing practices, certifications, non-toxicity, and eco-friendly packaging. By choosing these non-toxic art supplies, artists can create beautiful art while making a positive impact on the planet. It is essential to note that the most sustainable craft supplies are those already in an artist’s possession. Therefore, it is advisable to utilize these supplies fully before venturing out to buy new ones.