The brand name sounds familiar, right? Well, in case you ever fancied listening to pop music, the name Ariana Grande must have popped up in front of your eyes for sure. 

Yup, you guessed right. This very brand has been created by and named after our beloved Ariana Grande. This multi-talented woman (singer and beauty entrepreneur) has a weak spot for beauty products; just like any other typical woman. 

However, Ariana took it one step further by launching her very own brand REM Beauty for makeup; as well as a line of fragrances referred to like Ariana Grande Fragrances. 

The question is: are Ariana Grande Fragrances just as mighty as the singer herself? Do they also bring joy to people’s lives; in the same way, her voice makes people ecstatic? 

Truth is, I have no clue whether the fragrances bring joy to the masses (the insane sale companies suggest they do).

BUT, I can say for certain that never has Ariana Grande’s brand been a source of misery for poor animals. In fact, Ari happens to be an animal-enthusiast herself (she has adopted 9+ dogs who even attended her marriage a while back). 

Still, one still needs to do his homework; even if the opponent is a public favorite. We still need some juicy facts to reference before deciding whether to continue loving Ariana’s products or not.

Those very facts have been elaborated in detail down below.

Is Ariana Grande Fragrances Cruelty-Free OR Cruelty-Plus?

Yup, Ariana Grande’s whole range of fragrances is truly a cruelty-free masterpiece. All facts down below are simmering with impatience; ever ready to testify for Ari’s morals and ethics!

Significance of Ariana Grande Fragrances’ Cruelty-Free Status:

I’ll shortly provide you with ample proof of Ariana Grande Fragrances’ cruelty-free and vegan-friendly nature. But before that, let’s just remind ourselves of the significance of Ariana Grande Fragrances’ cruelty-free nature. 

  • For one, none of Ari’s products are delegated to her suppliers or any other third-party group of sadistic torturers for testing with animals. 
  • Secondly, from raw materials to ingredients and all the way to finished products, none of the procedures entertains the idea of making animal lives miserable. 
  • Last but never the least, not one of Ari’s fragrances is sold in China; the land of animal-torturing devils. 

Ariana Grande Fragrances’ Renewable Energy Usage: Cruelty-Free on a Global Level!

When talking about the sustainable and eco-friendly nature of Ariana’s brand, I’ve got good news and bad news. 

First off, let’s destroy your mood with the bad news; so you can later cheer up after hearing the pleasant one.

The bad news is, that Ariana hasn’t really been paying much attention to the sustainable nature of their brand. Since 2015, a lot of eco-tyrant materials have probably been deployed in her products. Hence, shame on that Ariana.

The good news is, that Ariana’s most-recent fragrance titled “God is a Woman” has been formulated by using 91% environmentally-clean materials. Now that’s a freaking high percentage! 

I believe Ariana is a human just like any other; one who’s prone to making a lot of mistakes and errors.

But now that she’s realized how vital the health of our ecosystem is, the measures are taken by her surely seem satisfactory.

This last endeavor of hers is surely a major milestone; one that boycotts the usage of rotten stuff in her products from henceforward; and predicts the onset of Ari’s brand into the community of nature-lovers.

Is Ariana Grande Fragrances Owned by a Cruelty-Plus Parent Brand?

Yup, Ariana Grande Fragrances is held by LUXE Brands Florida; a prestigious brand-building company. The wonderful news is; that just like the child brand, LUXE is also a well-renowned cruelty-free brand; and just as much abhorres testing on frail animals as Ariana herself.

Are Ariana Grande Fragrances Sold in ‘Cruel’ China?

Nope, Ariana Grande Perfumes can be declared non-existent in China (except when shipped by non-conventional methods). 

Besides, the brand itself is a cruelty-free one; and as such, it avoids selling in cruelty-plus countries such as China. 

Here’s a complete list of countries where Ariana Grande Fragrances are being sold at retail stores:

  • Korea
  • US
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • UK
  • Mexico
  • Latin America
  • Singapore
  • Canada

See, China’s nowhere to be found in the list up above!

Is Ariana Grande Fragrances Cruelty-Free Certified?

Yup, Ari’s fragrances have been certified as cruelty-free ever since 2021. The brand also boasts the much-coveted Leaping Bunny logo on its packaging. 

When it comes to Leaping Bunny, few doubts remain. It’s surely a heavyweight champion in the cruelty-free zone; one whose influence even out-runs the giant PETA.

Being certified as cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny is surely a great boost for justifying Ariana Grande Fragrances’ cruelty-free status. 

Ariana Grande Fragrances: Pure Vegan OR ‘Contaminated’ with Animal Ingredients?

Ariana’s recently released an insanely hit perfume “God is a Woman” is a fragrance derived from pure-vegan materials. Plus, more than 90% of the materials were eco-friendly and thus, environmentally stable. 

Up till now, a total of 11 perfumes, including “God is a Woman” are included in Ari’s list of fragrances. Out of these eleven, a few contain musk as part of their ingredients. 

Thing is, musk can be derived from both animals as well as green veggies. And, the brand itself hasn’t clarified the matter as of yet. 

No need to worry as I already knocked on Ariana Grande Fragrances’ door; and inquired about the matter’s truth. However, the situation remains uncertain as long as they don’t reply.

Is Ariana Grande Fragrances an Ethical Brand?

Any and all of Ariana Grande’s Fragrances are cruelty-free as well as obtained from eco-friendly ingredients. Hence, Ari’s brand surely adheres to society’s ethics and can be considered a righteous brand after all.


Ari’s fragrances are surely top-notch when it comes to their cruelty-free status. Her God is a Woman is pure vegan for sure; the others still need confirmation.

The brand has also been leaping forward toward achieving eco-friendly status. Hence, both Ariana and her fragrances deserve a thumbs-up.

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