Fleece fabric is a soft, cozy, and insulating material that is commonly used in winter sports jackets, sweaters, thermal base layers, sweatpants, winter accessories, and blankets. It is a blanket term for several different types of similar fabric, each made with slightly different types of fibers and used in different ways.

What Is Polar Fleece Fabric?

Polar fleece fabric is the most common type of fleece. It is breathable, soft, durable, and easy to care for. This type of fleece is designed to keep you exceptionally warm by incorporating air pockets between the polyester fibers that help to trap your body heat. It is commonly found in sustainable outdoor clothing for cold-weather adventures.

What Is Sherpa Fleece Fabric?

Sherpa fleece, also known as blizzard fleece, is a thick fabric that resembles wool more than standard fleece. It is commonly referred to as a “high pile” fleece and will keep you warm. It is commonly found as a lining in sustainable coats.

What Is Berber Fleece?

Berber fleece is a nubby fleece designed with a fur-like texture to keep you warm and insulated without packing on a lot of extra weight. It is excellent for high-performance athletic garments as it helps to wick moisture away. It is commonly found in coat liners, vests, socks, sustainable beanies, and other wintertime apparel.

What Is French Terry Fleece?

French terry fleece is a light fabric that is not fluffy and instead looks woven. It is absorbent and repels moisture. In terms of thickness, it is somewhere between a t-shirt and a sustainable sweatshirt. It is typically made of a rayon fabric and polyester or polyester and spandex blend.

What Is Coral Fleece?

Coral fleece, also known as raschel fleece, is another high pile fleece that is not quite as puffy as sherpa fleece but not as tight-knit as French terry fleece. It looks similar to polar fleece fabric but is fuzzier. Coral fleece is very soft and generally ends up in more expensive fleece jackets, shirts, blankets, and baby items. It is great because it doesn’t pill like other fleece.

What Is Microfleece Fabric?

Microfleece is the thinnest and lightest option of fleece. It is commonly found in sweaters, shirts, lightweight jackets, throw blankets, and bathrobes. It may not be as warm as other types of fleece, but microfleece is one of the best options in terms of breathability, which is also commonly found in outdoor sports pullovers and base layers too.