The Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis are home to a bustling thrifting scene, offering a variety of refurbished antiques, charming tchotkes, clothing from every era, and DIY supplies. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to navigate the world of thrifting. But fear not, as this article will provide the best thrift shopping tips to help readers get the best bang for their buck.

In addition to the thrift stores, the local art scene in the Twin Cities is also worth exploring. The iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are numerous galleries and art spaces to discover. And for those looking to channel their inner Prince, Minneapolis offers some of the best clothing thrift stores in the city where the pop icon was born. So grab your cash and get ready to explore the unique thrift stores in Minneapolis with the help of these thrift shopping tips.

Thrift Stores Minneapolis

If you are looking for unique finds in Minneapolis, thrift stores are the way to go. From clothing to furniture, books to jewelry, there is something for everyone. Here are seven of the best thrift stores in Minneapolis that are worth checking out:


Old School by Steeple People Thrift Store has been a staple in the Minneapolis community for over 40 years. This thrift store is almost entirely run by volunteers and has donated over 1.5 million dollars to community outreach programs like Groveland Food Shelf, the Courage Center, and the Women’s Prison Book Project.

Located in Steven’s Square, Old School has a wide selection of items including kitschy kitchenware, live plants, old school rollerskates, and more.


Groovy’s is a family-run vintage store in South Minneapolis. The store has a rock and roll vibe and offers a wide selection of vintage records, eclectic glassware, coffee mugs, and vintage fall decor.

Groovy’s is a great place to find unique clothing items and accessories.


Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a unique thrift store in Minneapolis that specializes in furniture, lighting, appliances, paint, and tools for the install. This thrift store accepts inventory from local retailers and contractors so customers can shop professional quality at discounted prices.

All sales at the ReStore support Habitat for Humanity’s mission to secure safe and affordable housing for families in need.


The Cat and the Cobra is a vintage thrift store in Near North Minneapolis that specializes in 20th-century workwear, funky knitwear, corsets and bustiers, and patchwork denim.

This thrift store has a moody, industrial space with vintage tees on display from floor to ceiling. The store also has an Etsy shop with detailed photography of each listing.


Hidden Treasures Thrift Store is a community-focused thrift store located just outside the city in St. Anthony. This thrift store helps formerly incarcerated individuals experiencing reentry or recovery transition successfully by providing a “restorative work environment.”

Hidden Treasures has a wide selection of clothing, footwear, homewares, furniture, decor, artwork, and more. The thrift store also hosts a Makers Market featuring local artists and food vendors.


Repair Lair is a unique thrift store in Longfellow Minneapolis that specializes in fixing outdoor equipment such as tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, jackets, and more.

This thrift store believes that “the greenest gear is the gear you’ve got” and encourages customers to mend what they already own to conserve energy and materials. Repair Lair also offers consignment and a wide selection of outdoor clothing.


Southside Vintage & Quality Goods is a vintage thrift store in Minneapolis that offers a wide selection of vintage clothing, accessories, and home goods.

This thrift store has a friendly atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. Southside Vintage & Quality Goods is a great place to find one-of-a-kind vintage finds.

In conclusion, these seven thrift stores in Minneapolis offer a wide variety of unique finds and are worth checking out for anyone interested in thrifting or looking for sustainable shopping options.

Thrift Stores St. Paul

St. Paul is home to several thrift stores that offer a wide range of pre-loved clothing, housewares, small appliances, and books. These stores not only provide affordable prices but also contribute to the community by partnering with healthcare, schools, food pantries, housing services, and other local non-profits. In this section, we will explore some of the best thrift stores in St. Paul.

8. St Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores

St Vincent de Paul Thrift Store is a well-known name in the thrifting community, with locations around the world. The St. Paul branch partners with local non-profits to build effective community outreach programs. Their service-oriented atmosphere and affordable prices give pre-loved items a second chance. The store offers a variety of clothing, housewares, small appliances, and books.

Location: Minneapolis | St Paul

9. Flying Pig Thrift Store St Paul

Flying Pig Thrift is a non-profit and cooperative thrift shop located in St. Paul. The store donates to other local non-profits fighting for social justice and reduced gun violence. They also feature a dedicated space for local artisans. Founded to honor the owner’s late sister’s eclectic and generous spirit, Flying Pig offers a unique shopping experience. The store offers a variety of items, including vintage tea sets, retro outfits, and piggy banks.

Location: Midway

10. Back in Black Thrift & Estate Resurrection

Back in Black Thrift & Estate Resurrection offers a unique service to the community. They do home and storage space clean outs, then deliver the goods to their thrift store in St. Paul. The store offers unbeatable sales for gems such as vintage portrait rings, designer bags, and Gucci sneakers. As recycling and repurposing experts, their work takes keepsakes out of storage and keeps them away from landfills. The store also has an eBay boutique for those who are not local.

Location: Conway

11. Everyday People Clothing Exchange

Everyday People Clothing Exchange has been supplying St. Paul with fun and fancy-free clothing since 1997. The store offers a variety of clothing from different eras, including 80s shaker sweaters, 70s flair, and Great Gatsby-esque flapper getups. The store also features “caturday” fits on Saturdays, courtesy of co-owners and sisters Liza Youngscap and Kitty Van Hofwegen. The store also has an Instagram page where customers can snag hot items before they’re gone.

Location: Union Park

12. Encore Consignment Boutique

Encore Consignment Boutique is a women’s consignment and thrift store that delivers an upscale feel at budget-friendly prices. The store offers luxury name brands like Kate Spade and Vince Camuto, as well as an endless supply of fun accessories for you and your home. Along with consigned finds, Encore features stationery, homewares, and jewelry made by local artists. The store also offers personal styling appointments and has made donations to local advocacy groups.

Location: Macalester / Groveland

13. Center for Lost Objects

Center for Lost Objects is a unique thrift store that is equal parts antique shop, upcycle studio, and art gallery. The store is a showroom for local artists, a venue for live music, and a thrifter’s paradise. Their curated collection includes vintage clothing, restored antique furniture, upcycled fashion and accessories, and countless trinkets, toys, and oddities. The store also offers Mystery Bags for those feeling adventurous.

Location: West Seventh

In conclusion, St. Paul has a variety of thrift stores that offer affordable prices and contribute to the community. From St Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores to Center for Lost Objects, there is something for everyone in the Twin Cities.


Affordable and Good Cause

Minneapolis and St Paul thrift stores offer affordable prices on gently used items, making it an ideal shopping destination for bargain hunters. Moreover, shopping at thrift stores supports a good cause. Many of these stores are run by nonprofit organizations that use the proceeds to fund services for individuals, families, and local charities. For instance, The Arc Minnesota thrift store supports individuals with developmental disabilities, while the East African Women’s Center thrift store provides services to East African women.

Volunteer Opportunities

Thrift stores in Minneapolis and St Paul also offer volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can help with sorting and organizing donated items, assisting customers, and even participating in community outreach programs. Volunteering at a thrift store is a great way to give back to the community while gaining valuable work experience.


Thrift stores play a crucial role in promoting sustainability. By shopping at thrift stores, individuals can reduce their carbon footprint by keeping items out of landfills. Additionally, many thrift stores partner with local organizations to promote sustainability initiatives. For example, the University of Minnesota Reuse Program collects and redistributes surplus items from the university to reduce waste.

Final Thoughts on Minneapolis & St Paul Thrift Stores

In conclusion, Minneapolis and St Paul thrift stores offer great deals, volunteer opportunities, and support for local charities. These stores are easy to access and provide affordable prices, making it an excellent shopping destination for bargain hunters. By shopping at thrift stores, individuals can also promote sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. So, before you head out to explore the Twin Cities, make sure to stop by a few of the best thrift stores that Minneapolis and St Paul have to offer.