Cincinnati may be known for its sports and chili, but it also boasts an impressive array of thrift stores. The city’s diverse influences from neighboring Indiana and Kentucky are reflected in its food, beer, and fashion scenes. In fact, Cincinnati has a distinct offering of consignment and vintage shops that draw attention from all over the country, earning it the title of “Low-Key America’s Coolest City” by BuzzFeed.

From Peppermint Pig Thrift & Gift, a thrift store that also supports animal rescue, to Pixel 19 Vintage, a top pick for vintage clothing, Cincinnati’s thrift stores offer something for everyone. Scrap It Up is a creative reuse center that encourages sustainable behavior by diverting art and craft items from the waste stream, while Legacies Upscale Resale is a premier second-hand furniture store that donates all its profits to the Cancer Support Community of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.


Cincinnati is a city that takes recycling seriously. With approximately 7,000 tons of textiles ending up in the landfill every year, the city’s thrift shops play a crucial role in reducing waste and promoting sustainable fashion.


Cincinnati’s thrift shops offer a wide selection of gently used clothing, household items, and accessories at affordable prices. From designer finds to vintage treasures, shoppers can expect to find unique items that are both stylish and sustainable.


Many thrift shops in Cincinnati donate a portion of their proceeds to charitable causes, making it easy for shoppers to support their community while also reducing waste. The Ohio Valley Goodwill and Salvation Army are two popular thrift shops that not only offer a diverse selection of items but also give back to the community.


Cincinnati’s thrift shops offer a fun and affordable way to avoid fast fashion and promote sustainable living. Whether you’re looking for a vintage dress or modern furniture, the city’s thrift stores have something for everyone. Some of the best thrift stores in Cincinnati include Snooty Fox, NVISION, Hi-Bred, Leftcoast Modern Cincinnati, and Florence Antique Mall.

In conclusion, thrift shopping in Cincinnati is not only good for the environment but also a great way to find unique and affordable items. With shopping hours that accommodate busy schedules and websites and social media pages that keep shoppers up to date on new arrivals, it’s easy to see why the city’s thrift shops are a top destination for secondhand shoppers.