W7 is UK’s popular makeup that strives to satisfy your beauty requirements with top-notch quality makeup products that are ethically put together.

Yes, that is right! Having a makeup brand that is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free is a rarity.

But W7 has turned the impossible into their favor by introducing a range that makes sure to harm no living being in the process of creation.

Have we gotten you excited already? Then let’s know more about the company, its products, and its practices!

Is it Vegan-friendly?

To cater to the needs of its vegan customers, W7 has introduced a separate makeup range for them that is clean of any animal-based ingredients.

Hence, based on its different non-vegan product ranges, it is fair to say that the brand is not 100% vegan-friendly but has something unique for people who look for quality vegan-friendly cosmetics for themselves.

So, if you’re looking for a makeup brand that is not just gentle on your skin but also gentle on animals, then W7 vegan range is for you!

Is it Cruelty-free?

W7 has a strict policy against animal testing but also has multiple products like eye palettes, primer, lipsticks, and nail shades that use animal-based ingredients. 

Although the company has made sure to cater to its vegan customers by offering an excellent range directed at them, the use of animal-derived ingredients in the rest of its products doesn’t make it 100% cruelty-free.

Since it was first established in 2002, the company has not tested on animals and promises to continue with the practice.

If we say W7 has been able to find better alternatives of experimentation to animal testing, then it won’t be wrong! 

BUT it still needs to shift to complete vegan ingredients for the rest of its products.

Is it Ethical?

W7 has made sure to follow the ethical code of conduct at every step of its process.

Because the company doesn’t test on animals, it comes out as ethical. 

But because most of its product range, apart from the vegan one, contains animal-derived ingredients, the morals and ethics of the company become questionable.

On the contrary, W7 neither conducts animal testing themselves nor connects with the suppliers or third parties that do so.

Thus, it is fair to say that the company is ethical to an extent, if not wholly.

Is the Parent Company, if any, Also Cruelty-free and Vegan-friendly?

Everyone’s favorite UK cosmetic brand W7 is owned by Warpaint London, a company that makes sure to be completely ethical in its practices.

The parent company also has a no-animal testing policy but uses animal-based ingredients in most of its products, making them non-vegan-friendly.

If you are looking for a vegan-friendly, high-end cosmetic range, W7 certainly has something for you but make sure to read the labels before making a purchase.

Does W7 Sell its Products in Mainland China?

Since W7 has a strict non-animal testing policy, it makes sure not to sell the products in places like Mainland China or any other that supports animal testing.

Is W7 Involved with Suppliers or Third Parties that Conduct Animal Testing?

According to the company’s official website, they have not connected with suppliers or third parties that conduct animal testing.

And when they come across such information regarding their current suppliers or markets, the brand steps out of the deal concerning the staunch policy of no-animal testing.

Since animal testing has been banned in Europe since 2013, W7 wishes the rule to be implemented the world over so that no animals are harmed for the benefit of such companies.

Do Any Animal Right Societies like PETA accredit W7?

To date, W7 has not gained certification from PETA or any such societies to support its stance and practice on no-animal testing.

But because it does have a vegan range to offer, the Vegan Society has accredited the brand, which approves of its vegan range for people who wish to own makeup products clean of animal-derived ingredients.

What are the Benefits of Supporting Cruelty-free Brand Like W7?

Although the company has a product range that is non-vegan while another is directed towards vegans only, W7 tries its best to be ethical in practices and not harm animals for their benefit.

When you support a cruelty-free brand like W7, you can be sure that no animals have been harmed in making the products. 

Moreover, when you purchase from such brands, you also support an ethical and eco-friendly company that cares about its impact on society and the environment.

So, you are benefiting the animals, but you are also contributing to a better and sustainable future!

W7 is already playing its part in making the world a safe place for the animals too, but only if it could find better alternatives to its animal-derived ingredients, the brand is bound to excel in the future!

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