It is easy to make a name for yourself in an industry that big players already own. And when you do manage to step in and do your thing, keeping up to the reputation becomes even more challenging.

Unite was born 17 years ago with the idea to revolutionize the hair care industry. Since it offers some fantastic products, there was no denying that the brand would soon become a household name, which it did!

Big brands have always been a part of unethical practices like testing their products on animals. Yet, with a more prominent name comes more significant responsibilities, and Unite has now been questioned about its practices! What are we talking about?

Since the world is now standing up for the rights of the animals, enterprises need to come clean about their manufacturing processes. Is Unite cruelty-free? Does it test the products on animals?

Is it vegan-friendly? This and a lot more need to be answered! If you’ve been a fan of the brand, let’s quickly find out!

Is it Vegan?

Unite is the most sought hair-care brand amongst professionals, celebrities, and households. Why? They’ve made sure to introduce shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and clean from chemicals.

Moreover, not only does the brand have a range for men and women, but it also caters to the “beauty” needs of your dogs because they believe that your pups deserve the best care too.

Thus, this simple act of introducing a separate hair-care range for pet dogs shows Unite’s stance towards animals and being ethical in their practices.

Also, they’ve ensured to use ingredients that are not extracted from animals or insects, making their products vegan-friendly!

So, if you’ve been looking for an excellent hair-care brand that is vegan, Unite is sure to impress you!

Is it Ethical?

How can a brand like Unite be ethical in its processes and approaches? Ethical practices include not harming animals or humans at any stage of the process. 

More clearly, ethical brands do not conduct extensive testing on animals, and neither do they support suppliers, markets, or third parties.

Unite is a proud member of the San Diego Humane Society and SCPA, which indicates its stances on following a strict policy of no-animal testing and neither teaming up with parties.

Is Unite Cruelty-free?

Yes, Unite is cruelty-free as it neither uses ingredients extracted from animals or insects nor tests the products on animals.

More so ever, the brand also does not connect with suppliers, markets, and third parties that support animal testing because it is absolutely against their morals, values, and business ethics.

Hence, if you search for a reliable hair-care company that offers some fantastic products yet is cruelty-free, Unite can be trusted with a blind eye!

Is the Parent Company, if any, Cruelty-free and Vegan-friendly?

Unite is owned solely by Andrew Dale, a professional hairstylist who’s the creative head behind all the fantastic products you enjoy today.

Although another enterprise doesn’t own the brand, Andrew himself is a massive advocate of no-animal testing and vegan-friendly products. He has proudly joined societies supporting the stance and made sure to keep his range clean.

Is Unite Involved with parties that Conduct Animal Testing?

No, Unite has always come out clean with strongly cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products. 

Thus, the brand tries its best to conduct a thorough background check on suppliers, markets, and third parties, ensuring none is involved in animal testing before shaking hands.

Unite makes sure not to be a part of the dirty game either directly or indirectly because they wish to hold tight to their high values, morals, and ethics.

How Does Unite Test its Products?

Animal testing is a widespread practice used by the most high-end brand to check the efficacy of their products.

But big names like Unite do not believe in the unethical practice and hence, have found alternative methods to animal testing that promise to har no being in the process while making their products safe to use.

Although the company hasn’t specified any testing methods, it has made sure to be clear about not experimenting on animals or supporting suppliers or third parties that follow unethical practices.

Unite is a highly ethical brand that has successfully lived up to its morals and values. It has come up with excellent hair care products for men and women and has also proudly included a fantastic range for dogs that speaks high of their values.

Hence, Unite is 100% cruelty-free and vegan-friendly for people confused about this brand, so make sure you get your hair care products from them without having second thoughts!

And of course, when you see professionals and celebrities endorsing it based on their personal experience, why take a risk with any other brand when you have the best right in your reach?

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