Don’t worry, Qing Beauty is 100% cruelty-free.

Women love makeup, and why should they not? It adds to their beauty and makes them feel at home. But what certainly they love and care for even more are animals.

Today most of the brands you are fond of conduct cruel product testing on animals. However, Qing Beauty does not fall on that list.

Qing Beauty is 100% cruelty-free by all means. 

Are you a makeup enthusiast who wants to learn more about whether Qing Beauty is cruelty-free and if it is vegan?

Read the article till the end to know everything about your favorite makeup brand.

Does Qing Beauty Do Animal testing?

Qing Beauty does not endorse animal testing, hence never conducts it. Therefore, the company is 100% cruelty-free.

  • The company does not test its finished products on animals anywhere in the world
  • Qing Beauty is entirely cruelty-free which means it doesn’t even let any third party do the animal testing of its products on its behalf
  • Even the company never tests the ingredients used in the products on animals anywhere around the world
  •  Also, Qing Beauty has no operation in mainland China due to the country’s certain policies that make animal testing binding on businesses selling over there

A testimonial to Qing Beauty being cruelty-free is a well-known online cosmetics store “Pink Glam Beauty” endorsing its products. This online store clearly states that it only supports and promotes cruelty-free products.

Is Qing Beauty Vegan?

After having explored its products carefully on the website, we come to the conclusion that Qing Beauty is not 100% vegan. The brand does use animal-derived ingredients in some of its products.

However, you can also find some purely vegan products too. Therefore, despite being not entirely vegan, Qing Beauty is vegan-friendly.

The brand uses ingredients such as Mica, glycerine, carmine, etc which are predominantly animal-derived. Consequently, we cannot label the brand 100% vegan.

But how to know if a product is vegan or not?

Well, it surely is a lot difficult to find vegan cosmetics brands. There are some brands that claim to be vegan but they still use animal-derived ingredients such as manuka honey in their products.

Moreover, most of the companies lack any third-party certification to back their claim of being vegan. This makes it even more challenging for the customer to filter the vegan from non-vegan.

However, there are some ways you can easily identify vegan makeup brands. One such easy and simple way is by looking at the ingredients used in the product.

There are typical animal-derived ingredients that people generally are not aware of, but can be avoided when shopping for vegan makeup.

For instance, Beeswax is a common element of almost every lipstick and eyeshadow. It is derived from the beehives and it requires around 6 pounds of honey to manufacture just one pound of the wax.

Another well-known animal derivative is Collagen. Plenty of makeup brands use it in their cosmetics specifically in anti-aging products. This ingredient is naturally found in animals and derived from the bones of dead animals.

Is It Ethical?

In view of the information provided by Qing Beauty, it is safe to say that the brand is ethical.

The company is 100% cruelty-free and does not test any of its products animals and even does not authorize any third party to do the same on its behalf. Therefore, the ethical tag is justified a lot.

But is being cruelty-free enough to declare a brand ethical?

In today’s fashion market, a lot of companies claim to be ethical just to maintain their good image. However, a lot of their practices go against their claim in reality.

If you are a responsible customer that well and truly wants to support only ethical brands, here are some ways to identify ethical brands.

1. Go through the Brand’s About Us Section

The About US page of any brand should enlist the brand policies and how it carries out its entire production process. It should be clear what raw materials it uses, where they manufacture products, and how they source the ingredients.

Always remember that a clean and ethical brand has nothing to hide from the public. If you see less information or over-exaggerated claims, it is a red flag that something is wrong.

2. Brand Certifications

Third-party brand accreditations are the best and sure way to know if the brand is being honest about its ethics claims.

So, look for certain certification symbols on the company’s website. 

If you find some of them, it will be evident that the company has executed extra efforts to be recognized in the ethical community.

Some of the popular certifications include:

  • Fair Trade Certified
  • World Trade Organization
  • FairTrade
  • Certified B-Corporation
3. Google the Brand

Another easy and straightforward way is to simply google the brand. If the brand is popular, you might find ample research and review by beauty bloggers or other resources.

Qing Beauty’s Best Products

If you’re looking for a cruelty-free ethical brand to increase your makeup collection, Qing Beauty is a suitable option.

Here are some of the most loved products by the brand:

You’re so Chic: On the top of the list comes the brand’s best-selling all-in-one pallet that has a wide range of colors for everyone. 

Sweet Box Vol.2: It is another all-inclusive product that has everything from eyeliner to hair tie to have you looking trendy.

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