The fast fashion phenomenon has taken western countries by storm with cheap and trendy clothes.

While the idea of a constant flow of new fashions is appealing to many people…

Promod is a French fashion fast-fashion chain with 847 stores in France and more than 1,200 around the world.

It is the 3rd largest clothing retailer behind Zara and H&M in those areas.

This blog post will share information about Is Promod Fast Fashion?  

What is Promod?

Promod is a French brand that has been around since 1975.

The brand has always been known for its fashion-forward approach and its ability to create collections that appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Promod offers a wide range of styles in addition to women’s clothing.

The company currently operates over 200 stores in France as well as an online store where consumers can purchase items from any of their locations.   

Is Promod fast fashion?

Promod is neither a luxury nor fast-fashion label, but rather a unique combination of the two. 

An innovative, fashion-forward French brand, the brand is affordable and international.

The collection was launched in 1992 with a fashion show staged in a castle in Versailles. 

This made Promod stand out from other brands in France at that time and gave it an international appeal.

The brand was originally known for its more provocative clothing items such as skirts and dresses, but has since moved towards more casual designs such as hoodies and jeans. 

It remains popular amongst young people who like to wear comfortable yet trendy clothing items at affordable prices.

Promod doesn’t follow the traditional fast-fashion model where companies release new product every week or two weeks. 

Instead, they release new styles on an annual basis with each collection being available for about six months before it is replaced by a new collection.

Is it ethical?

Promod is a fashion brand that has been around since 1975, which means they have over 30 years of experience in the industry. 

They are committed to providing their customers with quality products and excellent service.

Promod has an ethical approach, and a sustainable approach mentioned on their website, but they do not disclose any information or proofs of labor environment standards.

Promod uses mostly organic cotton and recycled materials in their clothing line. However, there are no further details about their supply chain management practices available online.

Where does it get their clothes?

Promod is headquartered in Saint-Ouen, France, where it has its own manufacturing facilities. The company’s products are sold throughout Europe and online through its website.

Promod says that it sources its clothing from all over the world and does not disclose where it gets its products from.

 However, Promod’s clothes are primarily made in France, which is known for its textile industry and high quality textiles. 

According to our finding, Promod also manufactures some of its clothing in Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and India.

Is Promod a good brand?

 If you’re looking for a sustainable brand, Promod is not the right choice.

Promod has an environment rating of ‘very poor‘ and uses few eco-friendly materials. There’s no evidence it reduces its carbon footprint or uses recycled materials in its clothing.

In fact, there’s no evidence it’s taken any meaningful action to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals in its products. 

It’s also unclear whether it takes any steps to prevent its workers from being exploited or abused by factory owners overseas.

Where is Promod from?

Promod is a French chain of women’s fashion stores Promod started out as a boutique selling designer clothes at affordable prices. 

It quickly became an icon of the Parisian fashion scene and expanded to include more than 200 stores across France, some of which are franchised.

Promod’s first store opened in Paris in 1998, followed by stores in London, 

New York City and Hong Kong. It now has over 1066 stores worldwide in cities such as Paris, London, New York City and Tokyo.


I can’t say that there were any surprises here. If a brand is manufactured overseas, the overwhelming odds are that it’s designed in the same way.

And while some companies are becoming more sustainable by shifting their production closer to home, the trend towards fast fashion speed and cheap prices means that this shift is only happening so fast.

On one hand, Promod isn’t technically fast fashion, as it is part of an independent company that has been in business for over 15 years.

But on the other hand, many consumers will see the similarities between Promod’s fashion and what traditionally comes to mind when you think about fast fashion.

Either way, this is a prompt for you to research your clothing company better and find out what qualifies them as ‘fast fashion’ or not.

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