Koreans are obsessed with beauty! They promote flawless skin and absolute beauty that everyone dreams of, whether you take up their dramas or singing sensations.

But how can most of them look so good? Since not everyone is fortunate enough to have great skin yet, they have access to fabulous makeup brands like Eglips that give you a perfect look every time.

Eglips is a Korean makeup and skincare company that offers a wide range of products, from BB creams to eyeshadows. 

Moreover, the company is known for its quality products and affordable prices.

BUT, since it is loved by many, the question is, is Eglips cruelty-free? Does it use vegan ingredients to manufacture a high-end makeup range? Is it in contact with suppliers, markets or third parties that have unethical conduct?

We’ll be sorry to lose out on such a great brand because of its unethical practices, but let’s dig deep into the matter before we conclude.

Is it Vegan-friendly?

Not much is known about the Eglips’ manufacturing process and its ingredients. Although the brand is famous.

It is still early to say whether it uses ingredients in products extracted directly from animals or insects.

Hence, since not much information is available about how the makeup brand produces its fabulous range, people have a decision to make whether to support it or not in all mystery!

Is it Eglips Cruelty-free?

Eglips is all about femininity and celebrating one’s beauty. The brand knows how to satisfy its customers through a wide range of makeup products that shout quality and convenience.

BUT, is it cruelty-free? Is Eglips amongst those unethical Korean companies that still conduct animal testing to ensure their product’s efficiency and competence?

Well, as per the company itself, they do not conduct experimentation on animals or use them as bait for testing their products or ingredients, but because there is not much information about their involvement with parties and suppliers that still practice it, labeling the brand as completely cruelty-free can be challenging.

Moreover, to prove itself as clean from all unfair practices, Eglips doesn’t have any certification from renowned societies that stand up for animal rights.

So, whether you wish to trust the company for its word is entirely your choice!

Is it Ethical?

The top Korean brand has recently spread its operations to Singapore, a country that, until now, supported animal testing widely.

Until recently, Singapore has made a law against the practice, but of course, implementing new regulations can take time.

So, based on their new venture, Eglips isn’t entirely ethical in its practices. Even if it doesn’t conduct animal testing directly, it has spread into a market that has supported the practice recently.

Is the Parent Company, if any, also Cruelty-free and Vegan-friendly?

Whether Eglips was established as a sole proprietorship or branched out of a well-known parent company, hence, it is difficult to say what morals or values it holds and conduct.

But what we are sure of is that the brand Eglips has found new ways of testing their products, a quick alternative to animal testing, but it somehow does support the practice by tapping markets that still do it.

Moreover, because no one knows about the ingredients used in creating such a long-lasting and high-end makeup range, the vegan-friendly brand is also questionable.

Although Eglips does promise to be ethical in its practices, trusting its word without any proof can be a hard one here!

Does Eglips Sell Products to Markets that Conduct Animals Testing?

Eglips has recently established its office in Singapore, which until yesterday, supported animal testing.

Only recently has the Singaporean government marked animal testing as illegal. Still, implementation of the law takes time, and until then, we can consider Eglips to be not 100% cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brand.

Does Eglips have Any Cruelty-free and Vegan-friendly Certification?

No, Eglips isn’t a part of societies or has certifications that say the brand is cruelty-free or vegan-friendly.

Neither anyone knows where the brand gets the ingredients for its products from, nor are we sure whether Eglips tests them on animals.

But because the company has recently started its operation in Singapore, we have a fair idea that if not directly.

The brand is indirectly involved in animal testing, which makes it unethical and non-cruelty-free.

Which Side Are You On?

There is no doubt that with its fantastic makeup range, Eglips has been able to make a quick name for itself globally. 

Within a short time, women have gone crazy over it, but providing the best to your customers cannot help the brand hide its dirty secrets.

This might come as a disappointment for people against animal testing and supporting 

vegan products, but Eglips might not be the right brand for you! Let’s just hope, the company is quick to choose a side and comes out clean.

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