The Brand Earth To Skin sells Skincare and beauty products. According to the brand, the ingredients used in the products are entirely natural. 

Ingredients obtained from Earth and Earth’s crust help manufacture these products to provide consumers with absolute clean beauty and radiance. 

However, as per the brand, none of the ingredients used in manufacturing products are obtained from animal sources. 

Earth to Skin claims that all the products are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. 

Assuming the claims to be genuine, Earth to Skin may get a clean chit of being a cruelty-free brand but let us dive in deep to extract further.

Does Earth To Skin Test products on Animals? 

Every Earth-to-Skin product contains natural elements like fruits, plants, and minerals. The brand manufactures these products out of natural ingredients to promote real beauty and radiance. 

Considering the nature of products sold by the brand, there is no need to test these products on animals. 

The brand can directly use these products on humans because products containing natural fruits and vegetables would not have many side effects.

Still, to keep a safe side and keep things legal, brands avoid testing anything directly on customers.

For testing purposes, animals are used if any side effect occurs. Only animals will be affected.  

Precisely Earth To Skin also tests the products on animals, but considering the nature of the products, it might have little or no effect on animals. 

Does Earth To Skin Use Animal Ingredients in its products?

Earth to Skin is a big brand and widely available on a giant platform like Walmart. 

Earth To Skin covers hundreds of products related to skincare and the Skin’s natural beauty.

Most products of this brand are prepared from ingredients obtained from Earth and the Earth’s crust. Mostly fruits, vegetables, and minerals are used to make products.

However, there are also several products sold by this brand that require animal ingredients like fats, carbohydrates, and bio-oils.  

The anti-aging products, skin treatment products, and some serums of Earth To Skin undoubtedly require animal ingredients to deliver effective results.  

Is Earth To Skin Sold In China?

Earth To Skin is an online line introduced by Walmart. Walmart is an online shopping giant giving tough competition to Amazon and Alibaba. Therefore Earth To Skin is available worldwide, including in China. 

To sell such products in China, brands require to test products on animals to confirm the product’s effectiveness. 

Earth To Skin is an online chain. According to Chinese policies, online sellers don’t need to test products on animals, whereas physical stores have to do.

Earth To Skin can sell its products in China without checking the effects of products on animals. Hence there is no cruelty while selling products in China. 

What are Earth To Skin cruelty-free products?

Earth To Skin is one of the few brands that deals in products made of natural ingredients. 

Most products of Earth To Skin consist of fruits, vegetables, and minerals and the brand proudly claims to have a wide range of cruelty-free products.

Here is the list of probably cruelty-free products 

  • Super Fruits Brighten & Hydrate
  • Honey Protect & Moisture
  • Tea Time Reduce Fine Lines
  • Super Greens Detox & Refresh
  • Eye creams
  • Overnight Masks
  • Cleansers

Is Earth To Skin Products 100% Vegan?

The brand Earth To Skin is famous for selling products that contain plants and vegetables. 

All products contain fruits, vegetables, or minerals obtained from the Earth and Earth’s crust. 

However, the conclusion is that most of the Earth To Skin products are entirely vegan. 

Still, some products produced by this brand contain animal ingredients. 

The products are primarily anti-aging creams, beauty serums, and skin glow products. These products contain carbohydrates and bio-oils. 

Although Most products of the Earth To Skin brand are entirely vegan, up to 100%, some products are also non-Vegan. 

Is Earth To Skin Products Vegan Friendly?

Earth To Skin is proud to claim that its products contain 100% natural ingredients. 

The ingredients are natural, healthy, and friendly to the Skin, including raw fruits, juicy fruits and dry fruits, greens and other vegetables, and minerals crucial for the Body and Skin.

It won’t be wrong to declare most Earth To Skin products Vegan Friendly. 

What Are 100% Vegan Earth To Skin products?

Earth To Skin brand specializes in producing vegan products. 

From fruits of every kind to plants and vegetables, the brand uses everything to get the maximum benefit of these natural ingredients. 

Here is the list of probably 100% vegan Earth To Skin products. 

  • Avocado Overnight Mask 
  • Honey Cleanser
  • Jelly Eye Cream 
  • White tea Day Cream 
  • Black Tea night cream 
  • All over Serum 
  • Jelly Mask

Is Earth To Skin brand Ethical?

Other brands dealing in skin care products and skin beauty products are considerably less ethical than Earth To Skin because they openly test products on animals or use animal ingredients, which eventually hurt animals. 

When Comparing Earth To Skin Products with similar brands, there is an evident difference in how ethical the Earth To skin brand is and how unethical the rest of the brands are. 

Earth To Skin brand is mainly ethical, but it also goes beyond ethics in some products. 

What are cruelty-free and 100% vegan alternatives to Earth To Skin?

Most brands dealing in Skin and beauty products prefer eco-friendly products. However, Brands prefer to manufacture products out of natural ingredients because of better and more effective results on Human Skin. 

Here is the list of alternatives to the Earth To Skin brand that manufacture products out of natural ingredients.

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