It’s Tuesday night, and you’ve just finished bathing your infant.

You’ve changed their diaper and applied lotion to their skin, and as you begin to dress them in their favorite pajamas, you realize that they’re a bit tight. 

Is it time to add another article of clothing to your child’s outgrown collection? You may be wondering what to do with your child’s outgrown clothing. We’ve put together a list of ways to help you recycle or find a new use for old baby clothes. 

Our collection contains sustainable suggestions that are beneficial to the environment and your family. 

Even though we are happy to see our babies grow into beautiful, bigger versions of themselves, we still feel sad because they are growing up so fast.

With around 350,000 metric tons of clothing discarded annually in the United Kingdom, the last thing we want is for our children’s outgrown clothing to end up in a landfill, contributing to the planet’s waste problem.

So, it is very important that we find ways to reuse, recycle, and keep these materials in a constant cycle.

How Can It Be Recycled?

Simply lay the outgrown onesie flat and make a straight cut through the entire piece, right above the legs. The upper portion will resemble a T-shirt, while the lower portion will serve as a bib. Brilliant, right? 

Since it will be used again as a bib, the stains don’t matter, since every baby bib gets stained eventually. When a baby begins eating solid foods or is teething and drools excessively, you can never have enough bibs, so this is the perfect hack.

Use the top as a T-shirt for your child after removing the bottom. It’s a win-win situation. If you have mostly used simple white onesies for your infant, they have outgrown them in length and have too many stains to be salvageable. 

Before cutting the onesie, color it with tie-dye! It will help conceal stains, and you can still create a lovely bib and top.

Even though bibs are less expensive than onesie sets, reusing what you already have will save you money because your child will have gotten more use out of it.

It Can Be Sold

Baby clothes may be pricey, so if you have outgrown ones that are still in good condition, consider selling them to get additional income. 

There are many families looking for gently used items for their new baby. It may be comforting to know that the onesies you used for your child could be used by another family.

You may also try selling your old baby clothing to thrift stores or consignment shops; many of these establishments will offer you cash as soon as you drop off acceptable items. 

If you’d rather use an online market, you can quickly take a picture of the item you want to sell and post it to find buyers in your area. 

Or, if you discover that you have a range of stuff to offer, why not organize a yard sale with your family? It’s a good idea to try to sell any goods that you no longer need, from adorable one-pieces to whole ensembles.

Some things are simply too valuable to discard, so why not save some baby clothes and turn them into a souvenir to cherish forever?

If you are skilled with a sewing machine, you may create bunting or a patchwork quilt from old baby clothes. Alternatively, you might send your favorite items to Love Keep Create to be transformed into a memory bear or memento pillow.

Transform Into A Quilt

The concept of transforming baby clothing into a quilt is lovely. So, your child will be able to give a handmade quilt made from the clothes they wore as babies to their own children. 

There is a cycle of passing down baby clothes from generation to generation, and you may make a patchwork from a variety of onesies and other garments. 

For those of you who will soon become grandparents for the first time, this is such a lovely concept. Imagine giving your child a quilt made from their own baby clothes for their new baby.

Donate Them

We are aware that the clothing your child wore caused your family so much joy. When you see the identical T-shirt and sweatpants your kid wore when they first giggled, you may be nostalgic for when they were younger. 

It may also feel nice to consider the next baby who will be able to wear the same outfit and how much enjoyment the goods can provide to another family.

If you find that your baby’s clothes are in decent shape, donating them to other parents in your neighborhood is a terrific alternative.

If you are willing to part with it, you can donate gently used baby clothing to another family or organization, such as a thrift store like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, or even a local hospital.


The majority of us have baby clothing kept in boxes in the basement. And if you are a first-time mother, you have already received or purchased more than enough baby clothing.

But the thing with infants is that they develop overnight! Before you realize it, the adorable onesie no longer fits.

What should be done with sentimental old baby clothes, despite the fact that some of those brand-new onesies were given to newborns born within the extended family.

Instead of placing them in a large bucket and keeping them under the stairs in the basement, recycle or upcycle them into useful objects and mementos, or something significant that you can appreciate every day.

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