Whenever we order something, we usually do not pay attention to what kind of wrapping papers they are wrapped in, and how harmful they can be for our environment if they contain toxic elements.

Wrapping papers, if not biodegradable, can pollute our environment since they are crumpled up and tossed around as soon as they are unwrapped. Therefore, using eco-friendly wrapping papers is the best option to protect the environment from harmful waste.

People use wrapping papers for many purposes, especially for wrapping gifts during festive seasons or in general. During the holidays, many people use wrapping papers and according to certain reports, millions of tons of waste is produced and added to the environment.

The non-recyclable materials used in such wrapping papers, and harmful plastic and dyes are all unsafe to us and our surroundings. In addition, many non-eco-friendly wrapping paper suppliers use shiny glitter-encrusted paper that cannot be recycled. 

However, this can be avoided by switching to a sustainable and biodegradable alternative.

Fortunately, many wholesale suppliers produce reusable and eco-friendly wrapping papers so as to preserve the environment by producing no unnecessary waste.

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Below we have enlisted some of the best eco-friendly wrapping paper suppliers who not only provide good quality in their wrapping papers but are also cooperative and interactive to make your lives and the environment even greener.

List of eco-friendly wrapping paper wholesale vendors & suppliers:

  • Wrappily
  • Nashville Wraps
  • Re-wrapped 
  • PaperWise
  • Green Field Paper Company 

1- Wrappily 

At Wrappily, 100% recyclable and eco-friendly wrapping papers are produced in renewable newsprint and double-sized designs. 

Now, wrapping gifts will no longer produce any waste to the environment, and this one change will certainly make a great difference.

No waste is produced, no harmful plastic is added to the landfills, and absolutely no trees are used in the process. 

So, wrap souvenirs without the fear of polluting the environment with Wrappily’s eco-friendly sheets of wrapping paper.

Contact info:

Tel: (888)-532-6816 

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://wrappily.com/ 

Address: 2342 Lower Kula Rd Kula, HI, 96790-8715 United States. 

2- Nashville Wraps 

Nashville Wraps has a wide selection of biodegradable wrapping papers for household and business uses. 

Their wrapping papers include gift wrapping papers, custom-designed bags, boxes, brown papers, and much more, all of them completely earth-friendly. 

Their products are sold in bulk and manufactured from recycled papers from textile industries.

Not only are their products top-notch, but their customer service, shipment hours, prices, elite and professional staff are up to the mark as well. 

There are a lot of wrapping papers out there that produce waste in our landfills, but Nashville Wraps believes in treating others and the environment as one wants to be treated. 

Contact info:


Website: https://www.nashvillewraps.com/ 

Address: 242 Molly Walton Dr 5 Hendersonville, TN, United States. 

3- Re-wrapped 

Founded in 2011, Re-wrapped has expertise in manufacturing high-quality wrapping paper and other materials from recovered paper, producing no waste in our landfills. 

Their high-quality wrapping papers are biodegradable, human-friendly, animal friendly, and made from unbleached waste.  

They use recycled packaging, organic inks, and carbon-balanced producing methods.

They discourage using plastic materials, harmful additives, and metals, making their products 100% recyclable. 

With every wrapping paper, they save many trees, oils, and national reserves. 

Contact info:

Tel: +44 7720 426886

Website: https://www.re-wrapped.co.uk/ 

Address: Unit 4, Futura House, 168 Grange Rd, London SE1 3BN, United Kingdom. 

4- PaperWise 

Their wrapping papers are made from plant remainders, which means no trees are used in the process.

PaperWise produces gift wraps that are completely earth-friendly and recyclable at a reasonable price.

The best part about their work is that many farmers benefit from them and earn a little extra money, because of their food crops’ residue usage in making such wraps.   

Wrapping valuable gifts and souvenirs at the same time protecting the environment was never this easy! 

Contact info:

Tel: +31492849575

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://paperwise.eu/en/ 

5- Green Field Paper Company

To Green Field Paper Company, the most important thing is to save the environment from the deleterious effects toxic materials have on our environment.

They care about their consumers and our actual home, Earth.

They are known for their eco-friendly wrapping papers made from non-wood materials, minimizing the negative effects plastic and other such products have on the Earth.

They produce biodegradable products with non-harmful additives, organic substances, coffee chaff, garlic skins, and much more!

Their dedicated workers make each paper with genuine love and care for the environment. 

They use no harmful dyes or bleach in their wrapping papers, hence making their products a better and much more sustainable alternative. 

Contact info:

Tel: (858) 565-2585 

Email: [email protected] 


Address: 7196 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard San Diego, California 92111

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