Dishwashing is a chore that many people dread. However, with the invention of dishwashers, the task has become much easier. Eco-friendly dishwasher tablets have taken this convenience to the next level by providing a sustainable way to clean dishes while reducing harm to the environment.

Traditional dishwasher detergents contain harmful chemicals such as phosphates, synthetic dyes, and preservatives. Additionally, they often come in single-use plastic packaging, contributing to the plastic waste problem. To address these issues, Sustainable Jungle has researched and tested various sustainable dishwasher tablets and recommends the most eco-friendly options. By using these tablets, consumers can enjoy the convenience of a dishwasher while also reducing their environmental impact.

An Express Cycle Through The Best Natural Dishwasher Tablets

1. Blueland

Blueland’s eco-friendly dishwasher tablets are a great solution for cleaning stubborn grime off dinner plates. The tablets are available in compostable paper refill packs or in a tin. The Dishwasher Starter Set comes with a tin to store the tablets, and the vegan and cruelty-free tablets are free of artificial fragrances, dyes, bleach, VOCs, ammonia, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, and plastic. The tablets leave dishes residue-free and are easy to use. Blueland’s traditional powder dish soap falls into the category of refillable cleaning products, and the tablets are likewise a zero waste dishwasher detergent because they’re not contained in a PVA/PVOH wrap. Blueland is a one-stop cleaning eco store with a lineup of eco-friendly cleaning products, all of which are EPA Safer Choice, Leaping Bunny, Cradle to Cradle, and MADE SAFE certified.

2. Dropps

Dropps offers sustainable dishwasher pods that come in compostable packaging. The eco-friendly dishwasher tablets are chlorine-free, phosphate-free, and phthalate-free, keeping it cleaner for the planet as well as your dishes. The pods contain oxygen-based bleach and enzymes to get those dishes sparkly clean. Each pod has a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) dissolvable membrane and the set comes in recyclable and compostable packaging. Dropps entered the eco cleaning scene with their zero waste laundry detergent, though they’ve now added eco-friendly fabric softeners and more to the mix. Full ingredient disclosures and safety data sheets are accessible on their website. Dropps offers carbon-neutral shipping and offsets emissions through Clearloop.

3. EcoLeaf

EcoLeaf’s cheap eco-friendly dishwasher tablets are naturally effective and gentle on the planet. They’re derived from sustainably sourced plant extracts and are free from parabens, phosphates, and synthetic fragrances. The tablets contain RSPO certified palm oil, and each tablet has a dissolvable PVA wrapper and comes in a recyclable (or compostable) cardboard box. Ecoleaf is owned by wholefood collective, Suma which offers a full range of plant-based products for conscious home cleaning. They’re registered with the Vegan Society, and certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. They not only offer refills for some products, but they partner with various zero waste shops in London and the UK to allow for refills, too. Any plastic packaging is recyclable.

4. Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative’s eco-friendly dishwasher tablets harness the power of plants to clean your dishes without polluting the planet. The natural and non-toxic dishwasher tablets are available in two types of 91% plant-based: Total Clean and Pure Power. Pure Power tablets offer an extra-strength clean which can remove 48 hour baked-on food. You can choose unscented or lemon and eucalyptus tablets, scented using 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts. Grove Collaborative is a Certified B Corp and USDA BioPreferred brand, and they curate over 150 sustainable brands, including their own creations. They’re a one-stop shop for conscious cleaning products from eco-friendly mops to zero waste hand soap, as well as personal care and beauty products. Partner brands must meet their high standards for non-toxicity, transparency, and ethical manufacturing. All products they carry are 100% cruelty-free and use only RSPO-certified palm oil. Every Grove purchase is also plastic neutral through rePurpose Global—but they’re working toward being plastic-free by 2025. Until then, they offer a plastic packaging recycling program. Shipping is carbon-neutral through support of reforestation projects.

5. Puracy

Puracy’s natural eco dishwasher tablets were developed by a chemist with a focus on plant-based ingredients. The eco-friendly dishwasher tablets are chlorine-free, phosphate-free, and dye-free. Puracy’s eco-friendly dishwasher tablets are not contained in a PVA/PVOH wrap, making them a zero-waste dishwasher detergent. The tablets are available in unscented or in a citrus and sea salt fragrance. Puracy offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products.

To find out more about how these eco-friendly dishwasher tablets were chosen, read the full article.

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How We Found The Best Eco-Friendly Dishwasher Tablets

Finding the best eco-friendly dishwasher tablets involved a careful consideration of several factors. The team looked for non-toxic dishwasher detergent brands that prioritize plant-based and organic dishwasher tablets that will safely biodegrade. They also took into account the ethical sourcing of ingredients and the use of vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

Another important factor in the selection process was the use of palm oil-free ingredients. The team preferred sustainable dishwasher pods to be palm oil-free, and if brands did use palm oil, it needed to be sustainably sourced (RSPO certified).

Additionally, the team considered the packaging of the dishwasher tablets. Zero waste packaging was preferred, such as compostable or reusable packaging. At a minimum, the packaging should be recyclable and ideally made of recycled materials.

The team also considered the use of Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH, PVA) in eco dishwasher tablets. PVA is a type of water-soluble plastic polymer used in various products, including eco-friendly dishwasher pods and sheets. While PVA can fully biodegrade, it needs specific conditions to do so, and these aren’t always met by wastewater treatments. If it’s not broken down, PVA can contaminate waterways as another form of plastic pollution.

One study found that as much as 75% of PVA from laundry and dishwasher pods isn’t broken down during the water treatment process. However, critics of the study say that it’s based on flawed modeling, and that biodegradability in the wild is very different from biodegradability in a lab-controlled setting. For that reason, it’s more accurate to call it dissolvable than biodegradable.

Despite the controversy surrounding the eco-friendliness of PVA, some brands still use it in their dishwasher tablets. More independent studies are needed to determine the sustainability of PVA.

In conclusion, the team found the best eco-friendly dishwasher tablets by considering several factors, including non-toxic and organic ingredients, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, ethical sourcing, palm oil-free ingredients, and thoughtful packaging. They also took into account the use of PVA and the need for more independent studies to determine its sustainability.

Final Thoughts On Environmentally Friendly Dishwasher Tablets

Switching to environmentally friendly dishwasher tablets is a small but impactful step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. By choosing natural and plastic-free options, individuals can significantly reduce their environmental impact. These tablets are designed to break down easily and not harm aquatic life, ensuring that our waterways remain clean and safe for all.

Sustainable brands are leading the way in providing eco-friendly dishwasher tablets that are effective and affordable. By supporting these brands, consumers can contribute to a healthier planet while still enjoying clean dishes.

It is important to remember that small changes can make a big impact. By choosing environmentally friendly dishwasher tablets, individuals can take a step towards a more sustainable future.