Composed of 95% mineral oil and 5% of polymer resin, gel candles are also made of petroleum wax and last much longer than your normal wax candles. People are more into gel candles due it’s colorful and aesthetic appearance.

Oil and polymer, which is a powder, are mixed together, it solidifies gradually and gives it a jell-o like consistency. The visible difference between a normal wax candle and a gel one is the bouncy texture of the latter.

Gel candles come in different colours that might be transparent or in translucent colour. Other than a variety of colours you can also find different types of decorative materials like glitter, little stars and dry flowers, scents and much more.

Gel candles can be easily bought from gift shops or even can be made at home. If you are planning on making these unique candles at home, then following the instructions thoroughly is the key.

Having patience during the process is of utmost importance as gel candles take longer to melt and pour as compared to normal paraffin wax. The process of making these candles can be a fun hobby but it does take longer to burn as compared to normal wax candles.

There are three different orders through which gel can be used in making a gel candle, low, medium, and high density. Level of density is highly dependent on the level of fragrance one is planning onto placing in a gel candle. Higher level of fragrance, higher the density of gel required.

High density of gel also goes with the kind of embellishments you are planning to add in a gel candle.

There are multiple varieties of decoratives you can add while making these candles like glitter, sea shells, dry flowers, marbles, goldfish and so much more. You can also add fruity scents like strawberry, pineapple etc.

While indulging in gel candle making hobby, one needs to be mindful of the decoratives they are adding.

They have to be non-inflammable and for decorating purposes only. Having plastic items in a gel candle can be hazardous, so if they are placed on the bottom of a candle, the candle should be put out before it reaches the bottom.

As beautiful as gel candles are, there are also rumours of them having explosive materials like the ones that can easily catch fire.

But later on, it was clarified by the manufacturers that it’s the container, not the gel candle itself. Be very careful while buying these candles and confirm from the retailer about the container material.

Safe materials infusion in the container of a gel candle is as important as the candle itself so might want to check before just thinking of it as a beautiful decorative for your house.

Are gel candles natural?

Gel candles most certainly have the brightest glow to them as compared to a wax candle but due to the additives like scents, synthetic hydrocarbon, and petroleum wax, they tend to be on a more hazardous side.

As you burn it, it releases the burn of these additives which is definitely not a go-to option if you’re seeking aromatherapy. Retailers tend to make gel candles more scented which burns off and can be dangerous to inhale at times.

What candles are safe for the environment?

So generally petroleum wax is considered harmful if it’s added to a candle whether wax or gel candle. The safest wax to look for, if you’re shopping for a good candle, is beeswax, soy, and coconut. These options are considered to be environmentally friendly and good for health.

But even looking for these ingredients in a candle can be tricky. Some brands would add like only one percent of soy in the candle and that shouldn’t make you get it.

So it’s very important to know your candles and the brand which you’re shopping from.

Gel candles are not eco-friendly. Due to many artificial additives, it can be harmful to your health and for the air you breathe in. As beautiful as they might be with all the embellishments, you need to be careful with your purchase.

Having a good candle during your pampering routine or even just to add color to your place should have something that is long-term, nothing that risks your health, doesn’t explode and doesn’t have less amount of natural components in it.

Having a good scent and a good mood is linked quite closely. So you might want to double-check your candle whether it’s lifting the mood or actually bringing down your health in the long run.

Less candle toxicity and inclination towards less toxic and more natural ingredient-based candles at home really light up the place for good without being harsh on your budget and on yours and your family’s overall health.

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