Is Aquaphor yet another cruelty-free, eco-friendly and vegan-advocate brand like many others?

Or has this long-famous brand been contaminated by hellish laboratories as well?

Labs that are proven as the worst nightmares of poor little bunnies?

Thing is, the cruelty-free movement has been around for more than a century (130 years and even further back). However, not much progress was made in this arena for decades upon decades.

Thanks to a bunch of compassionate and kind-hearted heroes, this movement has finally witnessed its glory at present times. 

Hunting bunny-logo brands is the trend these days (an ever-lasting one I’m sure).

However, although there’s a huge list of bunny-loving, compassionate and animal-benevolent brands in the market, some diehard animal tyrants live even to this day!

These brands are similar to cancerous tumors in the beauty industry. Now whether cancer gets cured or is eliminated forever, it’s up to these brands themselves!

Aquaphor is one such brand; one that’s starting to rot from all that torturing; shaving bunny backs, using devil drops to blind em, and things even worse than that!

Aquaphor: Cruelty-Free OR Cruelty-Plus?

For all Aquaphor loyalists and even those who plan to switch to its enticing products, here’s a heartrending piece of news: Aquaphor is by no means cruelty-free!

Yup, you heard me. This very brand is probably the reason cute bunny ghosts haunt you in your dreams at night!

Significance of Aquaphor’s Cruelty-PLUS Status:

Before we start munching on reasons why Aquaphor ain’t cruelty-free, let’s skim past the significance of its status as a cruelty-plus brand.

Thing is, innumerable animals may be tested on by Aquaphor even as we speak. These tests may be conducted on animals during any part of the manufacturing process.

Even as we talk, Aquaphor itself, their suppliers, or any third-party butchers may be torturing the souls of frail little animals!

Lastly, being cruelty-free also signifies that the brand may be active in cruelty-plus regions such as China.

Here are the various ways animal-tyrant brands torture their subjects.

Aquaphor: Eco-Friendly OR Eco-Tyrant?

Aquaphor is by no means an ecosystem considerate brand. At least one can’t justify it after skimming past their ingredient lists. 

It’s true that many Aquaphor products contain parabens, sulfates, glutens, etc. This reveals that most Aquaphor products are by no means organic.

Eco-tyrant brands are also a huge flag for customers these days; valued even more in some cases than a brand’s cruelty-free status.

And the reason is pretty simple. Although devil labs may kill a couple of rodents every now and then, eco-tyrant pollutants tend to destroy entire habitats!

This means that many species of animals go extinct or may be faced with that crisis right now; all because of industrial waste and those companies’ usage of harmful and non-biodegradable ingredients. 

You can skim past the list of those nature-averse ingredients here.

Are Aquaphor Products Sold in ‘Cruel’ China?

Yup, even as you scroll past my words here, many Chinese brats must be buying Aquaphor products from their retail stores. 

Just imagine the smiles on their faces as they buy ointments for their loved ones; or even beauty products for their personal use. Are all those people aware of Aquaphor’s cruelty-plus status? Who knows!

Question is, do they give a damn about Aquaphor testing products on poor animals? I don’t think so! 

At least the ones in power don’t care what number of rabbits get slaughtered in their freakish laboratories. Can’t say the same for commoners though. 

However, as only the apex predators retain the right to make decisions; and seeing that China is still a cruelty-plus country, that’s just more of a reason to boycott Aquaphor products (still being sold in China as of 2022).

Is Aquaphor Owned by a Cruelty-PLUS Brand?

Aquaphor is in fact a child company of Beiersdorf, another giant in the beauty industry. 

And although the company has been making tremendous progress towards achieving that cruelty-free status, it’s still not there yet!

This means that Beiersdorf still sells its products in cruel regions (such as China); where animal testing is required by law. Hence, Beiersdorf may still be torturing animals in certain unavoidable situations. 

Eucerin and Nivea are a couple of other cruel child companies under Beiersdorf, just like Aquaphor.  Eucerin and Nivea products are being sold in China as well (exactly like their sibling brand Aquaphor). 

It’s one of the reasons why none of them have been certified as cruelty-free so far.

Is Aquaphor Cruelty-Free Certified? 

Nope, Aquaphor has no whatsoever cruelty-free certifications from any of the major organizations such as Leaping Bunny, PETA, etc. 

And as long as the brand continues selling products all over China’s retail stores, those certifications shall remain a distant dream for Aquaphor.

Aquaphor: Pure Vegan OR ‘Contaminated’ by Animal Ingredients?

Sorry to disappoint you fellas but Aquaphor also ain’t a vegan brand. For one, many of their products have been sorta ‘polluted’ by animal-derived ingredients such as lanolin, honey, etc.

Secondly, Aquaphor also doesn’t have a specified line of pure-vegan products.

Not that I would buy from them even if there had been any ‘vegan’ Aquaphor products available.

Why? Because any products that have been tested on animals can’t be known as a vegan in the truest sense. 

What’s the objective of the following veganism? So these people boycott animal ingredients just for the sake of better alternatives?

No, they don’t. It’s this peace of mind achieved by ‘knowing that none of the products you buy brings misery to animals’ that’s truly the goal behind veganism. 

Hence, I’ll suggest raising red flags even when faced with Aquaphor ‘vegan’ products.

Is Aquaphor a Brand With Ethics & Morals?

No significant progress has been made to transition Aquaphor into a cruelty-free brand. Moreover, neither are this brand’s products clean and sustainable for our environment; nor do they sell many (if any at all) vegan-friendly products. 

Taking the above facts into account, I must say that Aquaphor is by no means an ethical brand no matter how they decorate themselves. 

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